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We empower retailers and their suppliers to decode what millions of transactions reveal about consumers. But how do we use that data to deliver tangible business growth? In our blog we give insight into our work and explore trends and developments around the industry.

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A peek into the not so distant future

In a technology driven world, what are the key trends for retailing?

From self-driving cars to mobile payment systems and biometrics, technology is changing the world at an extraordinary pace – but...

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Personal and relevant - Walgreens rewards best customers to generate loyalty and drive sales

In most businesses, a smaller percentage of customers typically account for a much higher percentage of sales.  This presents a valuable opportunity to reward the loyalty of a group so critical to...

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Mass and personalised – contradictory or complementary?

In mature markets most retailers and FMCG suppliers rely heavily on mass promotion to retain and increase market share – despite a broad agreement that more personalised communication is needed to...

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Powering the cycle of success

New era of collaboration between retailer and supplier

It is becoming accepted that the abundance of available customer information and a data-driven approach to decision making support the...

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The rise of the machines - Fact or fiction in data analytics?

With movies such as Avengers – Age of Ultron and the ubiquitous Terminator franchise, Hollywood continues to kindle the debate on man versus machine focusing on everything that can go wrong when...

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Prize winning new approach to assortment optimisation

A pioneering methodology developed by emnos for optimising convenience store ranges has been recognised with an award.
Convenience store business is booming across Europe but suppliers and retailers...

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How Predictive Data Analytics could change the way you shop

20% of products in customer baskets can already be predicted - but how will this affect the retailer?
During the week between visits to the supermarket, we all inevitably run out of something and often...

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Game changing technology needs that personal touch

Recommendation Systems are transforming the way we choose products and services but an ‘off the shelf’ approach is unlikely to be the way forward.

‘People who bought this also bought the following..’...

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Act before it’s too late!

Customer retention costs a fraction of acquisition - new emnos statistical model predicts potential churn

With consumer choice and expectation at an all-time high, the retail sector needs to adopt a...

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Mars France and Carrefour work together to drive retail growth

Through the emnos insight sharing initiative, Carrefour and supplier Mars France can develop unified strategies to better meet customer needs and preferences and significantly increase category...

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