Powerful capabilities for retailers and suppliers

Customer purchasing decisions are impacted by a complex mix of market trends, social influences, brand preference, cost and even gut feelings. In this tricky climate, the ability to turn information into insight that allows you to deliver a better customer experience has emerged as the fundamental key to success for retailers and consumer goods manufacturers.

Customer focus is the way forward and emnos offers unique capabilities designed to empower better marketing and commercial decisions. Some of the many challenges we help clients address include:

  • Who are your most loyal and valuable customers? What motivates their shopping behaviour?
  • Which offers will maximise redemption rates and sales uplift?
  • How do you increase the effectiveness of your marketing and promotional investments?
  • Where are the best opportunities to increase vendor investment and collaboration?

Our approach is tailored to individual requirements using a combination of strategic planning, best-in-class retail analytics and proprietary software technology.

emnos is unique in a very significant way – our mission is to deliver customer insights that enable retailers to make better commercial decisions and build true customer loyalty. We enable our clients to realise as much as possible from both campaign planning and media optimisation.

emnos Insight Category Solutions

Customer Insight Category Solutions

Bringing insights to life in daily retail decision making

emnos Insight Media Solutions

Customer Insight Media Solutions

Optimising media investment through retailer and supplier collaboration

All our client projects are planned and structured to deliver competitive advantage by providing expertise in three core areas:

Strategic planning

  • Assess current approach, capabilities and performance in building customer loyalty
  • Understand business challenges and goals
  • Develop a customer centric vision, business case and roadmap for success

Best in class retail analytics 

  • Uncover insights into customer behaviour to facilitate category management decisions
  • Develop segmentation models to improve targeting
  • Identify opportunities through all marketing and commercial levers to better meet customer needs and build brand loyalty

Solutions & technology

  • Provide solutions in our Insight Portal to improve decision making on a daily basis
  • Foster increased collaboration with supplier partners
  • Deliver more relevant messaging and offers to customers

Is it time for a radical new approach to targeting?

Should traditional targeting methodologies be replaced with something based not on media but on what people need and how they shop? Download our new white paper 'A targeting transformation' and get more details.

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