Bringing insights to life in daily retail decision making

In-depth analysis of customer data reveals everything you need to know about your shoppers - what they love, why and how they buy, what influences their shopping behaviour and what earns their loyalty. These insights are critical to improving your customer experience in a way which will drive brand and category growth.

Once you understand precisely how your customers shop, you can develop more effective strategies for communication, pricing, promotions, product assortment and shelf layout. emnos technology is a key enabler bringing you closer to your customers and helping you turn data into a competitive advantage. 

Our emnos Insight Portal is an integrated suite of modular solutions which provides decision makers with actionable analysis and in-depth customer insights in real time. Every year, it is used globally by 2,500 brand executives and supports over 100 brands. Our solutions help ensure every decision is guided by information on how your customers behave and what they need.

emnos Analyzer

Drive retail growth by improving daily decisions

emnos Analyzer software solution

emnos Promoter

Improve return on promotion investment

emnos Promoter software solution

emnos Segmenter

Score customers to keep segmentations up to date

emnos Segmenter software solution

emnos Ranger

Increase retail sales through range and layout optimisation

emnos Ranger software solution

We are pioneers in analysing and decoding customer data and interpreting what billions of transactions and interactions reveal about your customer needs and behaviour. We help our clients bring these insights into daily decision making through technology solutions which empower everyone in the organisation - and across the supplier partner network - to focus on customer requirements.

What clients say about us

Herman Tinga

"...emnos was chosen to take our customer knowledge to a whole new level."

Herman Tinga, Commercial Director, Lenta

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