Optimising media investment through retailer and
supplier collaboration

In today’s highly competitive and multichannel environment, both retailers and suppliers need to produce the strongest possible return on investment. They must ensure that all media spend delivers the changes in customer shopping behaviour which realise the business objectives.

Key business questions and challenges we can help you address include: 

  • How do you increase the effectiveness of your targeted marketing campaigns?
  • Which offers will maximise redemption rates and sales uplift?
  • Where are the best opportunities to increase vendor investment and collaboration?

The emnos Insight Portal is an integrated suite of modular solutions specifically designed to use Customer Insights from transaction data to optimise your planning, targeting and measurement of in-store and online campaigns.

emnos Nominator software Solution

emnos Nominator

Focus on offer strategy not administration

emnos Grouper software solution

emnos Grouper

Create specific customer groups

emnos Customer Insight Media Solutions offer a data driven way to achieve this goal. Through a combination of strategic planning, best in class retail analytics and technology solutions, we can help you maximise the effectiveness of your marketing investments.

By knowing what customers buy, how much they buy, when and where they buy and what triggers their purchasing choices, we help clients ensure their targeting, communication and offers are more relevant to each individual customer. Proprietary technology serves as a key enabler for emnos clients to improve marketing decision-making.

Importantly, Customer Insight Media Solutions also help improve vendor collaboration. By providing a common view of customer insights for retailers and suppliers to evaluate shopper behaviour, we make it easier for all decision makers to align on the best strategies and tactics needed to gain new customers or build brand loyalty.

To learn more about how our media solutions can help you better understand the impact your media mix is having on customer behaviour and how to optimise your media mix to generate greater sales uplift and customer loyalty, contact us for a free consultation.

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