Our values

We bring differentiation.

We continually raise the bar.

We focus and prioritize to deliver value.

We are proud to make a difference.


Data is just human behavior in disguise.

At emnos we are specialists for data driven category management in retail and empower retailers to deliver market leading customer experience and business growth. Our data platform enables forensic decision making on everything from customer segmentation to supplier management. We do this by combining AI powered retail analytics with the human insight of our experts in collaboration with your teams. And thus creating shopper experiences consumers love!

We believe that no matter how good a company’s data processing capabilities, it takes an understanding of human decision making to spot the business opportunities. With powerful AI automating much of the process our consultants can focus with your teams on teasing out the most profitable insights from the data. It’s this combination of human and machine that can turn the optimization of a click and collect offering into €50m of incremental sales, or yield a 1.4% profit increase from a pricing strategy.

Management team

Atessa Mohseni Leroy

Atessa Mohséni-Leroy

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Atessa Mohséni-Leroy has an impressive track in strategy and management consulting and also in international brand management. At Bossard Gemini Consulting, she supported a number of high-profile companies from the retail and consumer goods sectors. Other positions held by Atessa include Director of International Marketing at Givenchy, Deputy Managing Director at Kookai and Managing Director at Ober and Henri-Lloyd (Lafuma Group).

Atessa has been with emnos and in her current role since 2006. In October 2012, she took on additional responsibility for managing company business in Spain and Portugal.

In April 2022, Atessa was appointed CEO of emnos.

Shyamala Moorthy Scharfenberg

Shyamala Moorthy-Scharfenberg

Head of Finance

Shyamala Moorthy-Scharfenberg gained lot of insight and expertise in Controlling and Project accounting in international environments and large turn-key projects with Siemens in India, Czech Republic and Germany. After her move to Dubai in 2006, used her expertise to help small and medium sized industries to optimize their processes, develop management information systems and in digitalization of processes in collaboration with IT along with doing her MBA. In 2011 she moved to Indonesia and collaborated further with various small and medium-sized as head controller to develop and introduce suitable controlling tools to provide sustainable MIS.

After her move to Germany end 2018, she joined the banking sector and gained valuable insights into this sector. In May 2021 she took on the responsibility as Head of Finance with emnos.

Inga Whitmore

Inga Whitmore

Head of Product and Shopper Science

Inga Whitmore has a deep and strong foundation in data analytics, as well as category management solutions. She first joined emnos in 2008 and supported us for a range of 8 years as Head of Analytics, increasing the rate of innovation in that area. Later on, for a period of 2 years Inga worked on the start-up of a software product, gaining experience in how to build and manage a product from the ground up, along with new ways of operating.

Since 2019, Inga has enthusiastically rejoined our team as Head of Product, this time working in the "area of conflict" intertwining natural and everyday life, like supermarkets and human behaviour as well as complicated concepts like data analytics and analytical modelling to learn and improve our day-to-day life.

Csaba Sari

Csaba Sari

Head of Platform and Data Operations

Csaba Sari spent his entire career in the IT industry and gathered experience on both the service provider and customer side. After graduating as a Network Engineer in Toronto (CA), he worked in different areas and positions to design, build or operate enterprise/large-scale IT systems. He started with Cloud, Agile, and DevOps in 2010 and led successful digital transformation at multiple companies while establishing a good partnership with AWS, Microsoft, and various other vendors.

Csaba joined emnos in 2018 and he was working on the cloud migration together with other business units. Since the beginning of 2021, he is leading the Platform and Data Operation team of the company.

Johannes Maas

Johannes Maas

Product & Commercial Lead

Johannes Maas provides an impressive track record in the consumer goods industry, mainly in the sporting goods sector. Having started his career at Amer Sports, a company owning multiple world-famous sporting goods brands, he gained broad and international experience in project management and business development. From there, he moved to INTERSPORT, the world’s largest sports retailer where he acted as Head of Corporate Development.

Johannes joined emnos in 2019 as responsible for sales & business development in Central & Northern Europe. In 2020, he took on the responsibility as the emnos product & innovation team lead.

Youssef Bennani

Head of Analytics 

Youssef Bennani gained a strong experience with data and analytics. After an experience as a quantitative analyst in the financial sector, he joined the French National Center for Scientific Research for 5 years where he was improving models of decompression risk.

During the last 7 years, he was working in data services companies and was leading and delivering several data projects in different sectors. Since 2021, he is leading the analytical work of the Data Science Team at emnos.

Working for emnos

Working for a specialist in consumer insights is challenging and complex but rarely dull – uncovering the intricacies of customer behavior is a fascinating process. It requires a team of people from a wide range of backgrounds who, together, can quickly process multiple pieces of information and then clearly and concisely present the resulting data. emnos welcomes mathematicians, statisticians, software developers, IT experts, marketing specialists, economists and management consultants – but overall seeks out the naturally curious, proactive and innovative. It is an international environment where teamwork often means being part of a ‘virtual team’ with members based around the world in different emnos offices. Striving to exceed client expectations brings those teams closer together – for work and often also play.


We ask a great of our employees and in return believe that personal commitment and performance should be rewarded.

Occupational pension scheme

emnos offers employees the opportunity to participate in an occupational pension scheme and/or a direct insurance scheme.

Performance related and market focused remuneration

Our salaries are performance related and pitched to reflect the prevailing market.

Commuting costs

emnos carries the cost of commuting by public transport between your home and workplace.*


We provide all employees with lunch free of charge. This is a taxable benefit. We offer healthy options including salad and fruit and also make sure you don’t go hungry between meals.*


Our coffee rooms offer coffee and tea as well as mineral water and fruit*.

Fitness studio

Employees can also take advantage of the extensive facilities and training courses available at our in-house* fitness studio. This helps everyone enjoy a better work/life balance.

* Benefits sometimes differ in line with local policies. ​