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Working for emnos

Working for a specialist in consumer insights is challenging and complex but rarely dull - uncovering the intricacies of customer behavior is a fascinating process. It requires a team of people from a wide range of backgrounds who, together, can quickly process multiple pieces of information and then clearly and concisely present the resulting data. emnos welcomes mathematicians, statisticians, software developers, IT experts, marketing specialists, economists and management consultants – but overall seeks out the naturally curious, proactive and innovative. It is an international environment where teamwork often means being part of a ‘virtual team’ with members based around the world in different emnos offices. Striving to exceed client expectations brings those teams closer together – for work and often also play!

Applying for a job

The following Q&A should tell you what you need to know about the emnos application process:

How do I apply?

Apply online via Current Opportunities – there you can submit your application and all necessary supporting documents.

What happens next?

On receipt, your application will be carefully considered and assessed. If we feel you are suitable for the position, you will be contacted by telephone or email with initial feedback, information or an invitation to attend an interview.

What format will the interview take?

emnos prefers to interview applicants individually and this first stage meeting will last around one hour. You will have the chance to meet one or two people from the department with the vacant position, learn more about our history, client projects and culture – and, of course, we get the chance to find out more about you. Successful candidates will then be invited to a second interview.

How is the second interview structured?

The second interview is always in-depth but the selection procedures can vary and are tailored to the specific job profile, the area within the company and geographic location. These procedures can include: specialist technical interviews, presentation of past work, role play, case studies and one-day recruitment workshops. At this interview, candidates always have as many opportunities as possible to demonstrate what they can offer the company and to meet more members of staff.

Will a decision be taken quickly?

If your application is successful, we would typically send you an offer letter after the second interview. Any further questions can be directed to the person who initially contacted you at the beginning of the recruitment process.

Do you offer internships?

Yes – details of internship vacancies can be found at Current Opportunities.


We ask a great of our employees and in return believe that personal commitment and performance should be rewarded.

Occupational pension scheme

emnos offers employees the opportunity to participate in an occupational pension scheme and/or a direct insurance scheme.

Performance related and market focused remuneration


Our salaries are performance related and pitched to reflect the prevailing market.


Commuting costs

emnos carries the cost of commuting by public transport between your home and workplace.* 


We provide all employees with lunch free of charge. This is a taxable benefit. We offer healthy options including salad and fruit and also make sure you don’t go hungry between meals.*


Our coffee rooms offer coffee and tea as well as mineral water and fruit*.

Fitness studio

Employees can also take advantage of the extensive facilities and training courses available at our in-house* fitness studio. This helps everyone enjoy a better work/life balance. 

* Benefits sometimes differ in line with local policies.

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