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Deep Category Analysis

emnosAnalyzer will help you answer important questions which impact marketing, merchandising, pricing and promotional activities. 

For example:

  • Who are my most loyal and valuable customers and how do I grow their baskets?
  • What is the optimal assortment to meet customer needs and maximise sales?
  • How did a price increase affect sales?
  • What are my best performing stores – by customer segment?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is emnosAnalyzer?

emnosAnalyzer is a smart retailer solution that is designed to help drive sustainable growth by ensuring that everyone in your organization understands how customers shop at your store, categories and products.

How emnosAnalyzer can benefit retail?

Fourteen easy to use, customizable insight reports deliver the information you need to make better decisions on a daily basis. They will help your customer insights team, category managers and other key stakeholders improve the shopping experience by choosing products and promotions which truly cover your customers’ needs and motivations.

Is emnosAnalyzer easy-to-use?

Yes, it really is.  Without any investment in hardware or software, everyone in your organisation will be able to access customer insights quickly and easily from our secure SaaS platform.

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