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Assortment Planning

emnosAssorter is the latest from emnos in data-driven assortment optimization and impact simulation.

emnosAssorter leverages customer and transactional data to optimize product assortment, simulate the impact of the recommended assortment changes before they are live in-store, and localize product offerings tailored to customer preferences, needs, and motivations.

The solution creates and defines Category Decision Trees and Needs Units, while optimizing total category size and providing recommendations for the optimal range in different store clusters and plan sizes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is emnosAssorter?

emnosAssorter is a SaaS based solution giving data-driven recommendations for assortment planning and optimization and real-time impact simulation of the assortment decisions.

Why is emnosAssorter important for retail?

Backed by smart algorithms emnosAssorter provides concrete assortment recommendations taking into account SKU performance, customer shopping needs, as well as category specific parameters and constraints. Besides the powerful analytical models and an easy to use interface, emnosAssorter offers flexibility to customize the final assortment while re-calculating in real-time the potential financial impact.

Who benefits from emnosAssorter?

emnosAssorter empowers the category managers to optimize their category performance, create localized assortment based on customer needs and maximize category performance. It helps identify opportunities for industry collaboration in relevant product categories and in turn also benefits the suppliers.

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