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Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

emnos has been a pioneer in driving collaboration between retailers and suppliers. Some of the retail clients of emnos have received high accolades from suppliers and industry as a result of successful partnerships over the years.

Be it pricing solutions, or optimizing mass and targeted promotions, emnos' years of experience and retail expertise has helped create many success stories.


Supplier Collaboration

emnos has been a pioneer in driving supplier collaboration between retailers and industry. Many of emnos retail clients and suppliers have benefited from emnos' unique way of creating a win-win opportunity. Talk to our experts to know more about how we can help you drive industry collaboration. 

Pricing Solutions

emnos brings together its deep category insight solutions and its years of global retail experience to provide quick to implement pricing strategies. Find out how we can help you get your pricing approach right.

Promotion Optimization

Balance between mass and targeted promotions and bringing the approach down to offer strategy remains at the heart of consumer engagement and retention. emnos has been successfully engaging with its retail clients to improve and maintain high performance standards on its promotions. Find out how.

What our Clients say

"...emnos was chosen to take our customer knowledge to a whole new level. Our teams can use the emnos SaaS based solutions to help them provide the best possible customer service..."

Chief Executive Officer, leading Eastern European food retail

"... emnos has transformed the way we work with Carrefour. Understanding customer behavior, thanks to the emnos joint effort process and emnos Analyzer’s relevant KPIs, allows us to take better commercial decisions and to work together on specific and efficient action plans in the interest of Carrefour and Barilla shoppers..."

Key Account Director, FMCG

"...emnos has greatly developed our understanding of customer behavior online. The team has done this quickly and pragmatically, enabling us, for example, to create more targeted direct mailings. This led to an increase in opening rates of up to 10% and sales increases of up to 30%..."

Head of Marketing, leading European online pet food retail

"...emnos Ranger shows us strengths and weaknesses of our merchandising. In those categories where the solution is in use, our sales are rising significantly..."

Head of Business Unit, Central European multichannel retail

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