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Are you relevant enough?

Are you relevant enough?

Focusing on the customer with the right product and the right offer at the right time and in the right place - Promotional messages and offers fired at, or ‘pulled’ by, customers when they are at home, working or on the move make the path to purchase increasingly complex.  It is no longer enough to focus on the right person and the right product as the right time and the right place also now play a key role. For example, a potential customer near a city centre store at midday could receive lunch related information via mobile – compared to someone on the way home at 6pm who is more likely to be interested in what to have for dinner.

A more sophisticated approach

This makes highly precise targeting vital and a more sophisticated approach which goes beyond the techniques offered by standard media audience and geographical data is clearly required. Only when a full picture emerges of not just where people are, but what they buy and on which day of the week or time of day, can you connect effectively and relevantly with individual customers and their lifestyles. From the perspective of both retailers and brand owners this means using ‘big data’ to develop unique offers tailored to individual consumer preferences. 

Consumer insight specialist emnos has an unmatched ability and expertise in distilling massive volumes of data from millions of shoppers to deliver the actionable insights into buying habits required by this approach. The data is ranked in terms of importance to established business objectives.

Measuring customer engagement

The basis for measuring customer engagement should be actual shopping behaviour. Using this approach whether the overall objective is to acquire new customers and/or retain the loyalty of existing customers, emnos is able to draw a direct line of sight between exposure to the communication and the changes in shopping behaviour it provokes. This connection makes it possible to target, plan and measure sales uplift in terms of trial, repeat purchase and brand switching.

Signs of customer engagement are, of course, indicated by response mechanisms such as email opening rates, coupon redemption and incremental sales uplift.  Previous campaigns show the power of relevance – for example, a recent email campaign implemented for a major supermarket chain in France achieved an opening rate of 36% with coupon redemption at 16%. Incremental sales grew by 2.25 Euro per exposed customer.

To learn more about how the emnos approach can increase the relevance of your communications and media activities and help you offer the right product and the right offer at the right time and in the right place, please get in touch with us.

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