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Carrefour Belgium implements new vendor collaboration strategy

, created by Florian Baur

Carrefour Belgium implements new vendor collaboration strategy

Retail group adopts new data driven approach to decision-making and develops insight sharing programme with suppliers

As consumers become increasingly demanding, leading retailers are committed to making the best possible use of customer data. Armed with knowledge of what, why and how people buy, what influences their shopping behaviour and what earns their loyalty, Carrefour Belgium can develop effective strategies for direct communication, promotions, product assortment and shelf layout – hence creating more relevant shopping experiences and driving sales growth.

A key element of the new programme launched in Belgium is to establish and drive a collaborative relationship with vendors - by sharing not just data but also insights, everyone can work together to jointly define tactics, make decisions and increase revenue for all parties. 

The emnos Insight Portal, a modular suite of software solutions, is in place as a joint platform for sharing information. Participating suppliers are able to use customer insights as the basis for tailoring assortments, promotional planning, merchandising and other marketing activities. This on-going co-operation supports brand and category growth and offers many mutual benefits.


A valuable proposition

“We have continuous access to extremely powerful data gleaned from over 2.5 million households and by sharing the insights mined from this data, we aim to put them at the heart of our decision-making process.  This approach is designed to keep us ahead of the competition in terms of Category Management and Direct Marketing with vendors,” explained Bart Vandenreijt, Customer, Marketing Insights & Loyalty Director, Carrefour Belgium.  “With proven experience in insight sharing, emnos seemed a natural choice for the project particularly as the company has been supporting Carrefour across Europe for over ten years and is very familiar with our operation and privacy policy.”

emnos is applying it expertise to distilling the insights Carrefour Belgium needs to better understand customers and power daily decision-making.  In addition, the emnos package includes its Insight Portal software solutions, ad hoc projects and consultancy – giving both Carrefour Belgium and its vendors instant access to the latest insights decoded from the on-going stream of data.  Using its well established methodologies and frameworks as a foundation, emnos will also help get the process underway and maintain momentum.

Early response has been very positive with several Belgian brands showing interest and keen to gain access to a significant new source of accurate, broad and real insights. “The first deals have already been signed which underlines the value of this proposition,” added Lauren Baert, Head of Régie Média Carrefour.  “So far, participating suppliers vary from a leading beer brand initially focusing on  daily monitoring via emnos software, to a smaller player in the same category working on a Brand Insight Project to build a more relevant and continuous CRM strategy for its brand within Carrefour."

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