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5 Opportunities Pet Supplies Retailers Can Use to Drive Growth

5 Opportunities Pet Supplies Retailers Can Use to Drive Growth

Pet supplies stores, like many retailers, work hard every day to grow sales, improve shopper loyalty and gain market share. Day-to-day decision making is a continuous battle to respond to competitive pressures and deliver a customer experience, in-store and online, that meets consumer expectations.

Choosing the optimal product assortment; making the layout of your store easy for customers to shop your categories, products and brands; and delivering a great customer experience are just a few of the many challenges pet supplies retailers must address.

In a recent survey of Pet Owners in the USA, emnos uncovered five (5) opportunities that pet supplies retailers are missing to build relationships with their shoppers and customers.


1.     Invest More in Personalized Communication

According to our pet parents survey, 53% of consumers who predominantly shop the major Big Box pet supplies retailers (e.g., Petco and PetSmart) would like to obtain more product recommendations and new item information from their retailer, and 59% are highly interested in receiving more relevant offers. 


2.     Serve as a Health and Wellness Solution Provider

Shoppers cite Medicine and Health as the most challenging category when it comes to finding the right product for their pet.


3.     Offer Environmentally-friendly and Organic Products in the Right Categories

Almost 40% of major Big Box shoppers (compared to only 20% of shoppers who primarily shop mass, grocery, discount, and local retailers) state that they would purchase environmentally-friendly and organic products more often if their retailer offered a broader selection, even if those items were priced higher than the alternatives.


4.     Rethink Loyalty

Pet parents list better loyalty perks as one of the top three improvements they would like to see. Too often, retailers focus entirely on economic rewards (e.g., x% back on all purchases) and ignore a host of other meaningful perks.


5.     Engage, Inspire and Delight!

Today’s pet parents need to be engaged and inspired, and so do their pets. Every major category should be carefully curated to tell a story and inspire pet parents with products and solutions. Beyond merchandising, retailers must explore the impact of in-store events and demonstrations.


Keeping pet parents happy necessitates a rich understanding of their needs, preferences, and behaviors. Pet supplies retailers who listen to customer feedback and use behavioral data from customer transactions to better inform decision-making can exploit these opportunities to drive brand growth.

If you’d like a copy of our Pet Parent’s survey and whitepaper, or want to talk with us about how we can help you use your shopper transaction data to drive better retail decision-making on a daily basis, contact emnos Chicago at or +1-312-880-1336.

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