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Mars France and Carrefour work together to drive retail growth

, created by Florian Baur

Mars France and Carrefour work together to drive retail growth

Through the emnos insight sharing initiative, Carrefour and supplier Mars France can develop unified strategies to better meet customer needs and preferences and significantly increase category growth.

Co-operation has proved a mutually beneficial approach for Mars France and Carrefour as they share information and work together to cultivate a deeper understanding of their consumers. Chosen for its experience and expertise with major retailers, emnos is supporting the two companies in their collaboration on all areas of category management.

Optimise the range – increase the turnover

With its UNCLE BEN’S® brand the category leader, Mars Food France asked emnos to look at the whole Carrefour rice assortment. Factual data from transactions, shoppers and products was analysed, aggregated and used to develop customer segmentation. Working with both companies, emnos was then able to define the optimum rice assortment based on this segmentation and also customer needs.

Existing data produced by emnos for Carrefour covering different brands and suppliers was used to identify shopper demands in the category – including variations in type of rice (long or express etc.) and size of pack. These precise insights were used by both Carrefour and Mars Food France as the basis for changes and innovations to the rice assortment.

This customer insight approach helps both retailer and supplier better understand the decisions customers are making when shopping a specific category or product and how product groups perform in terms of sales and loyalty. Ultimately, every product on the shelves should maximise the sales opportunity and satisfy individual customer needs

The rice project was so successful, a similar segmentation and assortment analysis was undertaken across the cat and dog snacks and treats category for Mars Petcare France. The focus for Petcare also moved to Carrefour’s ‘click and collect’ service and people using the drive-in facility for pet food products.  Here it was possible to establish, for example, the differences in customer segment performance between traditional stores and drive-ins; whether or not people buy from both sources; and how shoppers behave in the drive-in pet food category.

Other projects have included an analysis of all promotions in the Carrefour rice and pet care categories as background for the manufacturer’s recommendations and proposals for both Carrefour and other retailers around the country.

Vital communication link

Speaking the same language makes it easier for suppliers and retailers to drive sales growth and emnos Analyzer provides a common view of customer insights at a category level. Part of the emnos Insight Portal suite of software solutions, the Analyzer module makes it simpler for all decision makers to align on the best strategies and tactics needed to gain new customers or build brand loyalty. It turns years of shopper data into actionable insights and enables Mars France to regularly access customer data from Carrefour – ensuring that both parties benefit from this win-win approach.

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