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New alliance delivers holistic view of French shoppers

New alliance delivers holistic view of French shoppers

emnos and TrialPanel have joined forces to offer brands combined qualitative and quantitative insights which provide a comprehensive understanding of French retail customers. Customer behaviour analyst, emnos contributes the ‘who, what, why and when people buy’ with TrialPanel focusing on perceptions gathered from community testing and surveys. Together the two specialists can provide the ‘total customer view’.

Distilling and interpreting the rich stream of data produced by store loyalty cards, emnos leads the way in revealing the deep insights needed to support daily marketing, merchandising, pricing and promotional decisions. The TrialPanel collaborative model brings brand owners together with a growing community of over half a million French supermarket shoppers who regularly provide their thoughts and opinions in exchange for free products. Combining the two gives suppliers the opportunity to gain an extraordinarily detailed picture of existing and potential customers of their brands.


TrialPanel’s online surveys are precisely targeted based on real shopper behaviour analysed by emnos – providing well-defined insights and convincing support for proposals from FMCG to retailer. For example, clients can address people who regularly buy their brand; those lost to the brand but still buying in the same category; or shoppers in the category who have never bought the brand.


Questions can be very open or very broad and the process is carefully monitored to ensure reliable and consistent responses on a wide range of topics including product reputation and price perceptions; reasons to buy; product satisfaction; and buying potential. Response rates are impressive at around 10%. Surveys can be adapted to fit the available budget by varying the number of targets and questions.


An early project focused on the market potential of a specific Growing Up Milk product. Two groups were identified by emnos: customers buying the client’s brand over the previous 12 months and those buying in the category but not this particular brand. TrialPanel was then able to target its survey accordingly and uncovered a general satisfaction with the product but also a negative price perception. The results confirmed that a drop in price would improve the intention to buy.

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