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Personalization is garnering increasing awareness as a way to grab attention
  • Personalization is garnering increasing awareness as a way to grab attention

Personalization is garnering increasing awareness as a way to grab attention

When you think of personalized marketing, what comes to mind? Is it printing a customer’s name in a mailer? Populating a customer’s loyalty balance in an email statement? While these are examples of personalization, they barely scratch the surface of what’s possible in the advancing world of personalized marketing. 

The power of data continues to play a large role in breaking down the vast opportunity to get more personalized with customers. By deriving insights from your customer data, you can deliver the personalized experience your customers have come to expect.   

emnos will be presenting a webinar titled “Let’s Get Personal: Taking Your 1:1 Marketing from Simple to Sophisticated”. The webinar takes place on September 17, 2015 at 1 PM ET.  Sara Swenson and Erin Magnuson will be sharing 5 key principles for implementing a sophisticated personalized marketing program that works for both your customers and your organization.  

The webinar will take the audience through 5 principles of successful personalized marketing programs: 

  • Prioritization of loyalty
    Best in class personalized marketing programs should focus on rewarding best customers as a means to drive greater customer loyalty. This contrasts with other approaches that are focused on acquisition of new customers or on expanding customer spend into new products/categories.
  • Collaboration between retailers and suppliers
    We believe that retailers and their vendors should partner more broadly in order to help drive the retailers business. emnos supply tools and technologies that enable the sharing of customer insights between retailer and vendors. Personalized marketing programs provide a vehicle for both retailer and vendor to benefit from activating those customer insights. 
  • Personalization based on behavior
    When it comes to what should be personalized, you need to make sure you are analyzing the consumer behavior over a period of time and sending the appropriate offer or content targeted at the most granular level possible. The goal of a loyalty focused personalized marketing program is to drive long term engagement with customers. The best way to do this is through delivering highly relevant communications. Relevance in the context of a personalized marketing program is best achieved through personalization of offers and content based on historical purchase behavior. 
  • Selection of the right channel
    Not all consumers are the same, understand which channel customers respond to best and leverage that channel.  Focus on timely delivery, and make it easy to use.
  • Making it measurable
    We are advocates of continuous improvement of campaign performance through rigorous testing. The goal of any program is to continually evolve to provide an experience that gives customers a reason to continue to engage with the retailer. We believe this is best accomplished through implementation of a test and learn program. We also believe in measuring the impact that campaigns, and the program as a whole is having on the business through the use of both campaign level control groups and long term holdout groups.

Sara and Erin will discuss the fundamentals of using customer purchase and behavioral data to transform basic marketing messages into relevant, meaningful communications.
In addition, they’ll also navigate through the framework necessary to establish a program that is mutually beneficial to retailers and suppliers.  This will showcase the significant power when collaboration efforts are leveraged.

Examples of real world client successes and lessons learned will provide an extra level of detail to help attendees understand the power behind personalization as data and collaboration come together.

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