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Women of emnos Series: Atessa Mohseni-Leroy

, created by Sachin Pande

Women of emnos Series: Atessa Mohseni-Leroy

Welcome to our first of many highlights of our female leaders from around the company! Here at emnos, we value our team members and our proud of the diversity we have in our company, specifically within our leadership. In fact, we are happy to announce that approximately 60% of our leadership is female.

Given this, we are excited to announce our “Women of emnos” series where each week we will interview one of our female leaders and get their perspective on emnos, the industry, and much more! Our first interview is with Atessa Mohseni-Leroy, our top female leader who runs the Southern European division and is the only female board member.

  1. Where did you start your career?

That was long ago and pretty entrepreneurial: after graduating from a French business school, I started as a marketing and sales manager of a startup software company (not very usual back then) and then moved to a market research company as a consultant. You can see that tools and customer data run through my veins since the beginning!

  1. When did you start at emnos? What brought you here?

I started in emnos in September 2006 to run our Paris office (only 2 other people in serviced shared offices). I “sensed” that data in retail would become something big and was attracted by the opportunity to join an entrepreneurial start up adventure.

  1. What unique perspective does your experience bring to your leadership role and the company?

I guess my long experience both in consulting and in operational jobs brings the company pretty deep knowledge of the French business and networks, generally and retail specifically. My background having been a consultant for big corporations and a manager of smaller organizations helps me contribute to our strategic vision while staying pragmatic, I believe. Also having been, throughout my personal (I am half French and half Iranian) and professional life, exposed to international environments both in small and larger organizations helps me grasp the diversity of our cultures.

  1. What do you love most about your job?

I like the energy of working with driven and passionate team members and helping shape our company by channeling this energy towards our ambitions. I also enjoy being exposed to clients and changing environments.

  1. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Follow your intuition, trust your talents and build strong relationships.

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