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Women of emnos Series: Mary Scimone

, created by Sachin Pande

Women of emnos Series: Mary Scimone

This week we are excited to feature, Mary Scimone - responsible for presales and product in the US.

  1. Where did you start your career?

I began my career at a CPG marketing consultancy and from there went on to a CPG firm. In both instances, my job centered around supporting marketing and advertising efforts through the only data really available at the time – syndicated. It wasn’t until I started working for a tech startup, Retail Marketing Systems (RMS), that my eyes were opened to the wealth of insights that could be gleaned from point-of-sale data. RMS had, for its day, breakthrough technology that leveraged shopper basket level data for retailers and brands to effectively understand customer behavior and reward loyalty. My lifelong love affair with shopper data, retailers and technology began and 25 years later, I am more energized than ever at the possibilities within our industry.

  1. When did you start at emnos? What brought you here?

I joined emnos at the beginning of 2018 and came because of the tremendous people and the collaborative culture.

  1. What unique perspective does your experience bring to your leadership role and the company?

Working with retailers over the past 25 years on CRM and CCR technology enablement has enabled me to identify operational & strategic gaps where emnos’ solutions fit seamlessly, propelling the retailer forward.

  1. What do you love most about your job?

We have a wonderfully diverse group of people and a culture of mutual respect.

  1. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Learn as much as possible, be of support and encouragement to others, find joy wherever you can, don’t take yourself too seriously and to ‘thine own self be true’.

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