Data is just customer behaviour in disguise.

Which is why you need AI+EQ to deliver growth and loyalty. Here you can discover how the combination of AI tech and human EQ works with emnos.

It’s all about flexible technology and consultants dedicated to delivering the results you need whilst teaching your teams to be self sufficient.

AI Technology + Human EQ

As a Google partner our cloud based platform meets the highest industry standards. We can also work with any cloud partner our clients have chosen. Deep retail expertise means our algorithms and KPIs are proven to deliver business results. Available as  “plug and play” solutions for retail, we get you up and running fast. And because the system is modular you only pay for what you need.

Our consultants have an average of 12 years retail experience and are dedicated to their client’s business. We always tailor our approach, and make it our mission to transfer our knowledge to your teams helping grow internal expertise. The emnos team is there for you, listening to your challenges and helping you get powerful results from the platform.

Google partner accredited

As a Google partner we get advanced visibility of the latest Google Cloud releases, keeping our clients at the cutting edge

Modular SaaS platform

We adapt to suit you, tailoring the solutions and modules to your needs. You get applied AI insights in real time for the data points that matter to your business.

Smart & relevant

With algorithms and KPIs honed from the exacting demands of Europe’s top retailers over 20 years, our analytics deliver proven results.

Cross platform competence

We can work with any cloud solution your business operates with.

Solutions for your business needs

You can use our technology and expertise across the core business challenges faced by retailers.
And you can monetize your data investment through Insight Sharing.


From client segmentation to hyper personalization


From cross-channel assortment optimization to new product creation 


From pricing strategy to individual product price


From overall store organization to categories’ detailed planograms


From promotional strategy to single offer optimization


From full year review to daily monitoring

Just as it is in your business, one size doesn’t fit all. Everything we do is customized to the business needs of our clients. Insight Sharing is available as a stand alone solution or in combination of any of our other tools and services.

Insight Sharing

From data monetization to supplier collaboration

The continuous insight our platform provides on the performance of individual SKUs is hugely valuable to your suppliers.

Insight Sharing creates additional revenues. Collaboration with suppliers on optimized business creates 20 times more incremental sales.