Our Technology

Technology is only as good as what it does for you and your customers.

Our technology platform has been designed to empower our clients on their data journey. Built to help you become self-sufficient in your data capability. emnos today is as much our client’s work as it is ours. And it delivers results because customer insights deliver a better customer experience, driving loyalty and growth for your business.

The Platform – Category Management decisions made. Retail decisions made. Easy. Fast. Accurate.

Our platform has been refined over 20 years to give our retail clients the insight they need to grow their business through increased loyalty and profitability. The emnos platform augments your decisions with smart retail data analytics – enabling you to make the right choice – always.

emnos is cloud based

  • Scalable and competitively priced
  • Google partner
  • Real time analytics
  • No demands on internal infrastructure
  • GDPR compliant

emnos is modular

  • Flexible SaaS
  • End to end capabilities from data acquisition to data modelling, end user visualization, reporting and interaction
  • Powered by emnos proprietary Analytical Engine
  • Pre-packaged applications provided for retail use cases
  • Fast plug and play set up
  • Only pay for what you need

AI driven analytics

  • Only uses proven retail analytics
  • Our AI applied to your business needs for sustainable profit growth
  • Always flexible – we adapt our methods to your needs
  • More than just business intelligence, KPIs and analytics designed around your business questions

Your expertise augmented with AI

We take the best of both worlds to deliver results:
> €1b incremental revenue to clients since 2002

Customized off the shelf solution

You choose from our pre-built modules, and together we fit them to your workflow, your definitions and your data

From dashboard to on-demand analytics

We provide the full range of retail analytics across channels, formats and local specifics

Results when you need them

We operate in our own cloud and can be easily integrated into your ecosystem – within just 4 weeks

Participative decision making enabled

Sensitive insights can be shared securely across and beyond your organization in our GDPR compliant platform

Personal support whenever needed

Our team will always be there to support you, from using our platform to generating insights to presenting them to stakeholders

The Modules

Designed to be modular, you have full autonomy for what your business needs with emnos.

Category Management Optimization

emnosAssorter is the latest from emnos in data-driven assortment optimization and impact simulation.

emnosAssorter leverages customer and transactional data to optimize product assortment, simulate the impact of the recommended assortment changes before they are live in-store, and localize product offerings tailored to customer preferences, needs, and motivations.

The solution creates and defines Category Decision Trees and Needs Units, while optimizing total category size and providing recommendations for the optimal range in different store clusters and plan sizes.

Category Management Monitoring

The emnosInsights and Cockpit module will help you answer your important questions which impact all category management decisions made. And will allow you to track your actual performance versus simulations.

For example:

  • Who are my most loyal and valuable customers and how do I grow their baskets? What is the optimal assortment to meet customer needs and maximise sales?
  • How did a price increase affect sales?
  • What are my best performing stores – by customer segment

Insight Sharing

The emnos Insights and Cockpit module also forms the basis for collaboration with your suppliers in all category management decision making processes. With its flexibility in user access rights, dynamic data modeling and personalized views on your category management performance, it’s perfectly equipped to achieve both direct profit from data monetization and revenue impact from improved category development.