Would you like to leverage your big data assets to support category management and marketing decisions?



    We enable our clients to transform shopper data into tangible growth with solutions designed to:

    - Optimize your categories

    - Personalize your communications



    Category Growth  


    Manage and refine your categories, make better commercial decisions, generate growth, and build exceptional customer loyalty. We are committed to a data-driven and customer-centric approach.

    Personalized Communication


    Bespoke communication increases relevance for the consumer so targeting should not be about media choices, but about people – what they need and how they shop. We leverage deep customer insights to support personalized experiences across all touch points and generate a measurable impact on revenue and loyalty.

    How has emnos helped companies successfully use data analytics within today's challenging

    omni-channel retail


    Retailers and suppliers worldwide have achieved a sustainable, competitive advantage based on the right assortment, at the right price, at the right time and with the right promotions.


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    Operating throughout Europe and the USA, we are part of American Express.

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    Collaborative. Impactful. Pioneering.

    emnos is an international group of ambitious and talented professionals with diverse skills, ideas and opinions. We are mathematicians, statisticians, software developers, IT experts, marketing specialists, economists and management consultants – progressive thinkers who approach life from an inspired perspective.


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