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emnos has delivered €20b in incremental growth to retailers since 2012 How do we do it? With experienced consultants and state of the art tech. We call this AI+EQ.
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From data monetization to supplier collaboration
The continuous insight our platform provides on the performance of individual SKUs is hugely valuable to your suppliers. Insight Monetization creates additional revenues. Collaboration with suppliers on optimized business creates 20 times more incremental sales.
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Customers make decisions for emotional reasons, which is why your retail analytics needs a human component. emnos combines AI with the EQ of our data experts, revealing not just what customers are buying but why they buy it.

Business impact is about more than data

For us AI + EQ means combining the data that technology can deliver with the emotional intelligence required to understand our client’s business, their supplier relationships and the desires of retail customers. It’s this ability to understand the big picture and empathize with all stakeholders that makes us special. We believe technology is only as good as the people who design it and interpret its output.

To see how AI + EQ has delivered growth and customer loyalty for our clients read our case studies.


emnos grows your business across the marketing “6 P’s”. And you can share your insights with suppliers, opening a new revenue stream whilst fostering deeper collaboration.


From client segmentation to hyper personalization


From cross-channel assortment optimization to new product creation


From pricing strategy to individual product price


From overall store organization to categories’ detailed planograms


From promotional strategy to single offer optimization


From full year review to daily monitoring

Insight Monetization

From investing in data to getting paid for it

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Case Studies

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