emnos extends its solutions into the sports retail industry​

Munich, 9th February 2023 – emnos is looking back on nearly 20 years of success in retail analytics and has seen itself as a mediator between the retailer and his suppliers. Ever since, emnos has been a pioneer in establishing data usage and analytics in retail to achieve operational growth in category management by providing real and relevant decision support for both parties, the retailer, and the supplier. Now emnos is committed to bring the same services to the sports retail industry.

“Given the seasonality and fragmented market structure with multiple retailers offering multiple categories with multiple suppliers per category, we are convinced the emnos platform fits perfectly to support the entire sports industry to move closer together to unlock the full potential of category growth for both parties”, says Sebastian Amtage, CEO of Emnos Analytics GmbH.

The emnos platform serves as the central location for all participating retailers and suppliers to provide state-of-the-art analytics, specifically targeted at operational use cases at the interface between both parties and will be enhanced in the future by additional external data sources to enrich and strengthen the joint decision-making process.

emnos is proud to have Gigasport as the first retail partner and will continue to focus on extending its footprint in the coming months.

About emnos

emnos is a leading provider of an analytical, AI-based B2B platform for retailers and their suppliers. This enables emnos to globally support joint, data-driven optimization of decisions on category management as part of location development and clients‘ consumer experience. The focus here is on secure and efficient exchange of information and analysis between retailers and their suppliers.

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