New supplier collaborations enrich emnosFOOD platform

Porto, 23th May 2024 – We are pleased to announce the arrival of several supplier partners into the emnosFOOD platform. We extend a warm welcome to Sogrape, Novarroz, Santiago & Santiago, Montalva, Indulac, Massimo Zanetti, Perfetti Van Melle, and Queijos Lagos, representing a diverse range of businesses from international corporations to local enterprises.

These partnerships mark a significant milestone in our efforts to strengthen the capabilities of the emnosFOOD platform across various segments of the food industry. From viticulture to grain processing, from dairy production to confectionery, each partner brings a wealth of experience and expertise, that will enrich our collective efforts to meet evolving consumer preferences.

Most importantly, our supplier partners will be able to leverage the rich data insights collected from the “O Meu Pingo Doce” loyalty card data, as well as the insights shared through the Insight Sharing Program. This will enhance their ability to track and analyze consumer behaviour within Pingo Doce stores.
We thank our new partners for their confidence in our platform. Together, we are ready to break new ground, explore new avenues and deliver greater value to our stakeholders.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration and mutual success.

About emnos

emnos is a leading provider of an analytical, AI-based B2B platform for retailers and their suppliers. This enables emnos to globally support joint, data-driven optimization of decisions on category management as part of location development and clients‘ consumer experience. The focus here is on secure and efficient exchange of information and analysis between retailers and their suppliers.

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